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Buying CombiCoin

You can buy CombiCoins* issued by the CombiCoin & TriaToken Foundation until CombiCoin is listed on an exchange. The listing on an exchange is planned for January 2018. From that moment on you can only buy CombiCoin via the exchange. From January 2018 CombiCoin can be sold on this exchange.

There is a 5% service fee to cover all costs, the remaining 95% of the funds received will be used to purchase all assets backing CombiCoin.

Exact procedure for buying CombiCoin

1. Create an Ethereum wallet (go here for more information)
2. Fill out the form on this page
3. You will receive an email with payment instructions
4. When we receive the payment we will send:
– a small test payment for you to check if your wallet address is OK.
– a payment confirmation email stating the exact amount of CombiCoins you will receive.
5. After two days we send the CombiCoins to your wallet.

*Minimum investment $ 500 / € 450 / 0.06 BTC / 1.5 ETH

* the actual amount CombiCoins depends on your actual payment and the day the payment is received by the Foundation.