Triaconta is voluntarily acquiring regulatory approval

Dear CombiCoin holders,

Ever since we launched CombiCoin in August of 2017 we have been in contact with the Dutch Authority of Financial Markets (AFM). During these past 6 months we’ve had several meetings to discuss if and how our activities fall under their supervision.

The answer to this question is still unclear. Regulations for the cryptocurrency market will be coming sooner rather than later. Waiting for new rules and regulations would possibly harm CombiCoin holders in the future and since we do not want that we decide to take immediate action. We will voluntarily acquire regulatory approval by the AFM.

By making sure Triaconta complies with AFM regulations CombiCoin should be able to grow in the future without legal constraints. Complying with AFM regulations will provide more reliability for current and new participants. We expect regulatory approval leads to a faster growth of CombiCoin sales which also benefits all TRIA Token holders.

CombiCoins sales temporarily suspended

Awaiting regulatory approval we will temporarily close the sales of CombiCoin. We expect the sales of CombiCoin to reopen within 2 months, but this also depends on the AFM.

Everyone that recently filled out the form will be processed normally and will still receive their CombiCoins.

What will change for CombiCoin holders?

Absolutely nothing! This will not have any impact on CombiCoin token, the value of CombiCoin or CombiCoin holders. The result of the restructuring will be positive because these regulations ensure that CombiCoin holders are better protected under Dutch and European law.

Selling your CombiCoins

Because we want to acquire regulatory approval by the AFM we have decided to postpone listing of CombiCoin on an exchange.

To still be able to deliver on our promise, we will launch a buyback program on our website on the 8th of February 2018. CombiCoin holders will be able to sell their CombiCoins directly to us for the value at that moment. The exact details and the tutorials how to do this will be shared in the coming weeks.

What will change for TRIA Token holders?

The monthly profit share for TRIA token holders is depended on buying and selling CombiCoins by Triaconta. Because the sale of CombiCoins is temporarily suspended, the profit payouts will be lower. Revenues generated from the buyback program will be shared with TRIA Token holders.

We will update all CombiCoin holders on ongoing affairs in the CombiCoin weekly newsletter.

All the best,

Don Molenaar & Guust Hilte

CombiCoin / Triaconta