Triaconta upgrades to ICONOMI

A new platform deserves a new brand

Will Triaconta stop operating?
No, Triaconta BV stays your trusted crypto provider. What we will change is our brand name and a completely new platform. We will upgrade our platform to the latest industry standards and at the same time start using a new commercial brand – ICONOMI.

Why a new brand and platform?
An old saying goes “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” To improve the services you get at Triaconta, we recognised we needed to partner with a company that has more resources. We selected ICONOMI Group as our strategic partner that will help us improve the services we offer to you.

ICONOMI Group is a size bigger than Triaconta and it has more than 100,000 users. ICONOMI started providing crypto services back in 2016. In 2021 it became one of the first crypto asset firms in the UK to be registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (UK regulator). ICONOMI Group now has both a registration in the United Kingdom with the FCA and a registration in the Netherlands with De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB).

ICONOMI was chosen by Triaconta for its excellent reputation and services that match Triaconta’s Bundles. Services such as a diversified portfolio with regular revision and balancing will continue so that you, the client, can still invest in cryptocurrencies without hassle.

What do I have to do? What happens if I do nothing?
There is nothing you have to do. When Triaconta starts using the new platform you will be automatically upgraded. We will keep you informed on every step we make.

What happens to my Bundle(s)?
Triaconta Bundles will be called Strategies on the new platform. The Top 30 Bundle, for example, will now be called the Triaconta Top 30 Strategy. There will also be many more Strategies to choose from and many more users can copy the Triaconta Strategies.

All unchanged standard Big3, Top30, PennyStock and DeFi Bundles which now have automatic Revision and Balancing will become investments copying the Triaconta Public Strategies. If the Triaconta Strategist decides on a Revision of the Triaconta Top 30 Strategy and changes the structure (add/remove crypto), it will automatically copy these changes for your investment. The result will be the same as a revision on the old Triaconta platform.

A modified (Custom) Bundle worth over 150 EUR becomes a Private Strategy and can be fully managed by yourself as before but now with many additional tools like smart rules to monitor and automate your Strategy. For a custom (Custom) Bundle with a value of less than EUR 150, all crypto currencies are placed separately in your your personal portfolio. Again, you can decide how to manage these, manually or automated with rules.

What will change for Revision?
If you copy the Public Triaconta Strategies every bi-monthly change of the Strategy by Triaconta will be copied automatically into your investment. Because everyone follows all changes to the Public Strategy your investment will also be rebalanced, because we do this in all the Public Triaconta Strategies.

What will change for Balancing?
If you copy the Public Triaconta Strategies your investment will also periodically rebalance to the target structure because we will perform rebalancing on all our Public Strategies.

If you have a modified (Custom) Bundle with automatic balancing because you added or removed coins yourself and it becomes a Private Strategy, it will keep the same balancing schedule but with hard balancing. This is a time-based rule which will re-apply the original structure (usually equal weight) to your Strategy. You can add, change or remove rules at any time on your Private Strategy.

What gets better on the new platform?
The new platform has been further developed and will fulfil a lot of requests from Triaconta customers at once.
It is:
Faster — All processes at on the new platform are scaled up for a much larger number of users, everything goes faster. You’ll notice this, for example, with payouts within 24h or even faster.
Cheaper — Because costs are shared by more users and less manual processing takes place, all service costs go down.
More secure — Two-factor authentication is required for your account.
Web & mobile – There is a mobile app available and you will be able to use it for most functions.
And much more – There are more bundles to choose from and more crypto to choose from. There are smart rules to monitor and automate the management of your portfolio. You can use multiple bank accounts and finally start dollar-cost-averaging effortlessly. You can now withdraw and deposit cryptocurrency.

What gets worse?
Besides everything on the new platform that is getting better, faster and cheaper, we have discovered some little things that we are going to miss. The option of medium or soft balancing will disappear. This is a pity. It is also no longer possible to have automatic revision without balancing because everyone with revision will be copying the same public Strategy which will be rebalanced. Slightly less choice at this point, but we have always been huge advocates of rebalancing to lower risk.

What happens to my referrals?
The referral reward so far was 35% of the commission on your referred customer’s deposit. On the new platform, deposit fees are much lower, and in most cases zero (learn more about fees here), so there would hardly be any referral income from deposits. That would be a shame! Our partner also has a referral program, so we agreed to transfer all your referrals to the ICONOMI Affiliate Program. As an affiliate program member, you earn 50% of the fees a user invests in (copying) a Crypto Strategy. This works for all users you have brought to Triaconta or will invite to the new platform. The reward is collected in crypto and deposited into your platform account in EURO every month.

What changes for Deposits/Withdrawals?
So far you could only buy crypto with iDEAL, bank transfer or credits. On the new platform you can also deposit Euro before you decide what to buy. This way, you can make a monthly recurring payment from your bank account and a monthly recurring buy on the new platform to dollar-cost-average your investment. By popular demand, you can now also deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies to and from your account.

Will support be in Dutch? Will emails be in Dutch?
Yes, support will remain in Dutch and English. We are working hard on it and before the platform and mobile app upgrade we will make them available in Dutch. We are currently making sure the ICONOMI chatbot is ready to serve our customers in Dutch. Occasionally you will also receive emails in English with crypto news or platform developments. If you have any questions about an email you can always contact support.

What changes for Investing in a Strategy?
A Triaconta Strategy looks and performs very much the same as a Triaconta Bundle because it is the same porfolio of multiple cryptocurrencies to diversify your investment. A small difference is when you invest into an existing Strategy on the new platform your deposits are distributed the same way as the target structure of the Strategy, for example Top 30 uses equal weight. This is different from before where it the investment would be distributed the same as the current distribution of your Bundle. For a balanced Bundle there is little difference but for an unbalanced Bundle a new deposit will now make your Strategy more balanced.

Why 2FA Security for all accounts?
The new platform has more withdrawal possibilities so it also has a more strict security policy. Two-factor authentication on login is now required on your account. You can easily find it on the Settings page/Security tab. If you need help, check out the instructions in the Help Center or contact support at [email protected].