All cost changes

Type Costs (current platform) Costs (new platform)
Buy Bundle / Copy Strategy 2% 0.5% – 1% *
Mutation 0.5% transaction costs 0.5% transaction costs
(minimum €0.50)
Payout credits / euro’s 1% exit fee
(minimum €5.00)
€ 0,50 – € 1,50
Crypto deposit 0%
Crypto withdrawal BTC 0,0005 BTC
ETH 0,005 ETH

* 0.5% extra charge when using iDEAL instead of bank transfer.

Entry fee

These are the costs to copy a Triaconta Strategy (formerly bundle) with Euro from your bank account. These costs are deducted from the Euro amount paid.

Mutation fee

These fees are charged per transaction from one crypto currency to another crypto currency or if you buy or sell individual crypto currencies yourself or if you stop copying a Strategy.

Exit fee

To better reflect the actual costs, the exit fee has been moved from the payout to your bank account to the exit from the Strategy. Transferring euros to your bank account will now only cost €0.50 – €1.50.

Balancing / Revision / Exit

To increase transparency, the fees for maintaining the Strategy (formerly Bundle revision and balancing) have been separated from the transaction costs calculated only over the actual mutation. The costs previously involved in buying a Bundle and exiting the platform have been moved to the Strategy exit fee.

Cost example holding Bundle for 1 year, then selling and then buying new Bundle:

Old situation: Top 30 Bundle of € 1,000
€ 18 for Balancing and Revising
€ 5 for selling the bundle
€ 15 for buying a new bundle

Total € 38

New situation: Top 30 Strategy of € 1,000
€ 16 for Balancing and Rebalancing
€ 1.85 transaction costs (approximately 50% of Strategy is traded during Balancing and Revision over a year)
€ 5 for selling the Strategy
€ 10 Strategy exit fee
€ 5 for buying a new Strategy

Total € 37.85

From Triaconta Bundles to Triaconta Strategies

Type Costs  (current platform) on an annual basis paid per revision and balancing Costs (new platform) on an annual basis and paid daily (annual costs/365)
Big 3 1.2% of bundle value 1% copy fee
+ 0.37% transaction costs
Top 30 1.8% of bundle value 1.6% copy fee
+ 0.37% transaction costs
PennyStock 3.0% of bundle value 2.6% copy fee
+ 0.37% transaction costs
DeFi 3.0% of bundle value 2.6% copy fee
+ 0.37% transaction costs
Sell Bundle / Stop copying Strategy 1% exit fee