CombiCoin Weekly #13

We are ‘this’ close to reopening the coin sale. Finishing up the lasts bits to go live. Hope you are all ready for a lot more of CombiCoin.

This weekly will update you on the following:

  • CombiCoin performance week 10
  • CombiCoin sales will open soon
  • New on the team


CombiCoin performance week 10

Weekly growth

Value on 02-03-2018 – 08:00 CET  – $ 28.78

Value on 09-03-2018 – 08:00 CET  – $ 20.74

-27.93% (previous week -12.68%)

All time growth: 140%

Monthly growth: -31%

Week high: $ 28.95

Week low: $ 20.00


Additionally we would like to show you how CombiCoin has grown compared to the total cryptocurrency market and Bitcoin. The data below is from CombiCoin launch on 18-10-2017 until 28-2-2018.

CombiCoin has outperformed the market and Bitcoin in this period.


Combicoin sales will open soon!

We expect to have the sales up-and-running before the 15th of March! We are now finalizing our new website and testing the payment system. You will be the first to know when the sales are back online!

All information regarding our new legal structure and the AFM conclusions will be shared with you before we open the sales!


New on the team!

On the 1st of March Lex started with Triaconta as “Marketing & PR” manager. He will be responsible for all marketing and PR activities around CombiCoin and will actively manage our community. Some of you might have met him already in the CombiCoin Telegram group.


You can join the Telegram chat group here: