CombiCoin Weekly #12

Starting this week the CombiCoin weekly will always be sent on Friday!

In this CombiCoin weekly the following things will be addressed:

  • AFM update
  • CombiCoin performance week 8
  • TRIA token profit share payout
  • Buy Back feature results and FAQ

CombiCoin performance week 8

Weekly growth
Value on 19-02-2018 – 08:00 CET  – $ 32.96
Value on 02-03-2018 – 08:00 CET  – $ 28.78
+12.68%  –  (previous week -7.41%)

All time growth: 233%
Monthly growth: -4.26%

Week high: $ 34.84
Week low: $ 27.18

AFM update

All our efforts this week went to the restructuring of CombiCoin and Triaconta organization. We are happy to announce that is the definite structure is now on paper, we’ve started the implementation and are building our solution in the coming weeks. We will still be changing non-judicial matters for practical reasons so we are not able to share the solution until all work is finished. We expect to open the sales of CombiCoin before the 15th of March. The buy back program will continue as promised.

TRIA Profit share payout

In this profit share period from 16-01-2017 until 28-02-2018 the following amount of profit share per TRIA Token has been realized.

0.00006305725 ETH ≈ $0.054

On 28-02-2018 we made the TRIA Token snapshot. The profit share distribution has been concluded and everyone should have received their profit share.

No profit share is distributed if the transaction costs exceed the profit share, this was the case if you’d had less than 1 TRIA Token. Also, no profit share is distributed if TRIA tokens are on Etherdelta, Forkdelta or IDEX. Make sure your tokens are in your own personal wallet at the moment of the snapshot. The next TRIA Token snapshot is at 30-03-2018.

Buy Back feature results

Sales are completed faster but still not fully automatic. The software is performing well and we are improving it daily. Compared to the week before, last week the volume of CombiCoins that we sold for Ethereum has dropped. After two weeks 6.4% of the CombiCoins have been sold for Ethereum.

Buy Back feature FAQ

Where / how can I sell my TRIA tokens?

Triaconta doesn’t  buy back TRIA tokens. Tokens have been traded since the ICO on Etherdelta. The exchange has been down in the last two weeks but seems to be live again in March. Most trading moved to Forkdelta and a little bit to Idex. The volume on Forkdelta was about 500 tokens per week and prices were between $9 and $17 per token. These are all decentralized exchanges that operate a little different from exchanges like Coinbase. We have a tutorial on the website for trading TRIA tokens using Metamask or Nano Ledger S.