CombiCoin Buy Back feature postponed to Monday + first details

Dear investor,

This morning around 11:00 am CET Binance was back online. At that time we were able to perform our final tests to make sure everything was in order.

Unfortunately we discovered an issue in our software that needs to be fixed before we can launch it. We expect that we’ll have this issue fixed on Monday. In any case we will open the registrations on Monday so you will be able to register and send us the CombiCoins you want to sell.

We also want to take this opportunity to share one of the features of CombiCoin Buy Back.

With CombiCoin Buy Back your CombiCoins are sold for Ethereum.

There are two options for selling CombiCoins:

  1. Direct: for the then best price (as much Ethereum as possible at that moment)
  2. Target price: Your CombiCoins will be sold when they reach a certain value eg. 55 USD.

With the “target price” feature you can set the minimum USD price that you want for your CombiCoins. You will be able to adjust the target price.

We will send you an e-mail as soon as CombiCoin Buy Back is launched and/or the registrations are open.

All the best,

CombiCoin & Triaconta Team