CombiCoin Weekly #1 – Re-balancing, results of sales, software update & TRIA Token profit share

December 11, 2017

Hi All,

From now on you will receive a weekly update on the performance of CombiCoin and the things you can expect this week.

  • First “Revision and Rebalancing” of CombiCoin – 13th of December
  • CombiCoin performance week 48
  • First 4 weeks of CombiCoin sales results
  • Trading software update
  • First TRIA Token dividend payment

Revision and Rebalancing

On the 13th of December the first “Revision and Rebalancing” procedure will take place. To start the revision and rebalancing procedure a check will be made to see if there is a need to include new cryptocurrencies in the top 30 and thus remove some other currencies from the top 30. In order to qualify to enter CombiCoin, a candidate currency needs to have an average market cap that is at least 20% higher than the market cap of the currency which would be removed as a component of the CombiCoin. A more detailed explanation of this selection process can be found in Appendix B of the whitepaper.

After the selection has been made the rebalancing procedure will be initiated. Cryptocurrencies that need to be removed from the CombiCoin assets pool will be sold gradually and proceeds generated will be used for purchasing the new cryptocurrencies. After this, the new weight of all cryptocurrencies in the top 30 will be calculated in accordance with the “ideal” weight of 1/30. The cryptocurrencies that have been deemed to have too much weight in the CombiCoin will be partly sold. The proceeds generated by this procedure will be used to buy cryptocurrencies that have been deemed to not have enough weight in the CombiCoin. The costs of the rebalancing procedure will be minimal. A more detailed explanation of the rebalancing procedure can be found in Appendix C of the whitepaper.

After the Revision and Rebalancing procedure we will update all CombiCoin holders of the new top 30 and the amount of assets held.

CombiCoin performance week 48

It was a very rough week in the cryptocurrency market. IOTA and BTC had some good news coverage and this resulted in a surge of price. The total % of IOTA assets in CombiCoin reached a peak of 11%. Unfortunately the past 3 days the market has shown red numbers. But things are currently back on track.

  • Year to date growth: 140%
  • Monthly growth: 105%
  • Weekly growth: 15.13%
  • Week high: $ 22.16
  • Week low: $17.50
  • Total value asset pool: $ 6,516,663

The above numbers are based on 08:00 4-12-2017 until 07:59 11-12-2017

First 4 weeks of CombiCoin sales results

In these past 4 weeks CombiCoin had 573 registrants for the amount of $ 1,365,977. The sales are still open and we invite you to share the CombiCoin story with others.

Software update

The development of the trading software is still going strong. Currently the software is able to automatically determine the CombiCoin sell/buy price and to sell/buy an asset on the best exchange at that moment (cheapest one for buying, most expensive one for selling). There are still some issues that need to be ironed out and of course a lot of testing.

First TRIA Token dividend payment

On the 15th of December the first month of CombiCoin sales will be concluded. At 12:00 CET we will take a snapshot of the TRIA Token blockchain to determine on which wallet  TRIA tokens are being held. This information will be used to send the dividend payments on the 20th of December.

Please make sure that the TRIA tokens are not on an EtherDelta smart contract, otherwise the dividends send will not reach you.

At this moment the dividend payout is $ 0.1237 per TRIA token (in these last few days it will continue to grow). We will not send the Dividend to wallets holding less than 1 TRIA Token. The reason for this is because the network fee will be higher than the dividend sent.