Tron (TRX): the future of digital content on the blockchain

The success formula of Tron (TRX) is one of the clearest bases in the world of blockchain. You take a business that will never come to an end (entertainment on demand) and you apply a lower price and faster delivery, with clear advantages for the end user and maker. Then you write a clear roadmap with different phases, which are provided with as many details as possible in order to realize them all.
This is what Tron (TRX) has done since the ICO was started. Investors support the project, content creators and users wait until the project is finally so versatile that certain services (e.g. HBO, Netflix) can be replaced.

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What is the basis of Tron (TRX)?

Tron is designed to provide a cost-effective solution for storing, sharing and using data such as media files, music files and complete movies. Tron is based in Singapore, where the Tron Foundation was founded and the blockchain went live in September 2017.
What Tron (TRX) wants to do is very clear: make a direct connection between the content creators and the users. The reason is also clear: the intermediaries often make the largest amounts of money and ensure that access to certain films and series is unnecessarily expensive. When the intermediaries are no longer needed, something beautiful emerges. The content becomes cheaper for the end user and the content creators are left with more from their efforts.

Is this feasible for Tron?

Initially, Tron immediately saw the challenges of the blockchain and decided to set up the first phase (Exodus) outside the blockchain. Odyssey, the second phase, does use the blockchain and cryptocurrency and from this point the ball really started rolling. More and more features and possibilities are added to Tron, where TRX (Tronix) is the token with which the user ‘rewards’ the content creator for his efforts.

Is it going to be even more exciting?

If you love movies or the blockchain – or even both – then it does get even more exciting. In the last two phases, Tron is going to do something spectacular. All content creators can build their own brand on the Tron blockchain and start their own ICO there. This makes it possible to set up a crowdfunding for a movie within a few clicks, where all investors can have direct access – just like that.
This will not only make the platform more broad, it will also be more interesting for the makers of films and series – and those are the people we really want to see on this blockchain.

What does the future of Tron look like?

To say the least, it’s rosy. This business is worth millions and is growing by the day. The most important thing is that only the middlemen can be against Tron. That’s a small group. After all, there are many more content creators and end users, with whom an enormous community is already present at the moment.
Buying Tron (TRX) is becoming increasingly interesting. Now to use as a trading tool and in a year’s time to pay for your films directly and watch them on demand, on the blockchain.