Stellar Lumens (XLM): the blockchain that proves itself

Stellar was created by Jed McCaleb, one of the big names behind Ripple. And that’s not the only reason why this blockchain is regularly compared to XRP. The objective is the same: to provide a network for making secure payments. Though Stellar is slightly different from Ripple. For example, the transactions are basically free (1 millionth cents per transaction) and that’s done to make this blockchain accessible to all people worldwide.

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Exactly how interesting is Stellar Lumens?

Stellar Lumens (XLM) is very popular, but the spotlight is mainly on the blockchain. This is where the major collaborations will be found ( with IBM), but also with travel agencies and various other partners). There is a lot of work going on behind the scenes and there is a good chance that Stellar will have as many partners as Ripple in the long run. The price of the crypto coin is not showing a lot of crazy things at the moment and is not aligned with the developments.

While Ripple is set up centrally and focuses on the current payment traffic, this is not the case with Stellar. This blockchain is completely decentralized and it offers a network to make payments. The emphasis is on making free payments within seconds.

Comparing Ripple with Stellar is therefore on the one hand unjustified and on the other hand completely logical. But be aware that these two can coexist perfectly well.

What about the 90%?

The developers of Stellar have retained 90% of the coins and have chosen various ways to distribute them. The goal of the Stellar Foundation is to get the coin to as many different people and organizations as possible. And although we have seen this in other blockchains as well, it has felt the wrong way here. This is inevitable. When you are standing on the barricade to state that your blockchain is decentralized, you can’t withhold the lion’s share of the tokens for ‘the future’. Now that the distribution of coins to users and companies is in full swing, we suspect that the attention for Stellar will increase in the coming period. Now more people will invest and the price development will start to match the possibilities and the use of this blockchain.

Is Stellar Lumens the future?

No doubt about it. With the collaborations that already exist and the partner programme that is offered, we cannot imagine that Stellar’s rocket will soon be back on earth. The possibilities are endless, because this network also works for the micro-payments.

That may seem like a small accomplishment, but it is not. With the Internet of Things on the horizon, we are moving towards an economy in which micro-payments, whether or not on a contract basis, will be commonplace. And what would you choose? A provider where all payments cost time and money, or XLM where payments are made directly without any costs?

With Stellar’s low entry price, there is also a good chance that as an investor you will be able to make a nice profit when the price of this currency picks up. In that respect, it is interesting to keep an eye on the collaborations and news items around this blockchain, because Stellar usually publishes news quickly, which makes it easy to respond to developments in time.