What does balancing my Bundle mean?

When time passes the distribution within your Bundle will change, because some cryptocurrencies will increase in value while others might decrease. When balancing your Bundle you redistribute the cryptocurrencies in your Bundle. During this process, a part of the cryptocurrencies that performed better will be sold. The proceeds from this operation will be used to buy other cryptocurrencies that performed less. This ensures that the distribution of your Bundle stays close to the initial distribution.

To optimize the working of your Bundle you can choose to periodically rebalance your Bundle. There is an option to manually rebalance your Bundle, or you can choose to automatically rebalance your Bundle on fixed intervals.

Three balancing strategies

During a soft balancing, a small part of the best performing coins is used to supplement the currencies that performed less. The coins in your Bundle that performed best will have the chance to keep on growing.


With the medium balancing strategy, a part of the best performing coins is used supplement the coins that performed less. With this strategy, you allow the best performing coins time to continue to grow, but you also buy low performance coins now they are relatively cheaper.


With the hard balancing strategy, each part of your bundle is reset to the initial distribution. You sell the best performing coins now they are valued high and you buy low performing coins now they are relatively cheap to buy.


Automatic balancing

Triaconta’s balancing tool can perform the periodic balancing of your bundle automatically every 14 days, monthly or bi-monthly according to a balancing strategy you prefer.


For a single balancing, the costs are 0.25% over the value of the bundle per balancing. Customers who opt for automatic balancing receive a discount.

Term % per balancering
Single time 0.25% over the value of the bundle
Per 14 days 0.10% over the value of the bundle
Monthly 0.15% over the value of the bundle
Bi-Monthly 0.20% over the value of the bundle

All prices are including all transaction fees

How often do I need balancing?

This is dependent on personal preferences and strategy. Upon investing, your investment risk is determined by the distribution of your bundle. To stay at your initial investment risk it is recommended to balance on a frequent basis.