Triaconta weekly

weekly #94 – 11 October 2019

The following topics will be addressed in this weekly.

  • Bundles performance
  • Triaconta tip
  • All coins great and small
  • Market overview

Bundles Performance

What a fantastic week we had. As BTC price battles to stay near the 200 day moving average, yield-seeking crypto investors are flooding into altcoins in search of higher returns.
All Bundles are very positive for the week with only a slight correction today. This must be altseason with all but four coins in our Top 30 with positive performance. Big 3 Bundle (+5%) with both Ethereum and Ripple adding 7% and Bitcoin 3%. Top 30 Bundle (+6%) with another double-digit performance of Chainlink (+36%). Penny Stock Bundle (+18%) did very well in its new composition with Ren (+45%) and Fetch.AI (+26%) added last week and Matic network (+50%) added with last month’s bi-monthly Revision.

Triaconta tip

Did you know you can check your Triaconta Bundle value without logging in? On the dashboard in the portal you can enable the personal account summary. It will give you a special link to an overview of all your Bundles. Click Navigate To and then bookmark the link in your browser.

All coins great and small

What exactly are cryptocurrencies for? Where is my money actually going? We think it’s a good idea for you as an investor to know a little bit more about the cryptocurrencies you can invest in with Triaconta.

Basic Attention Token (BAT)
Basic Attention Token is a cryptocurrency with a legitimate use case and a working product. Many cryptocurrency projects would like to be at that stage already. This blockchain creates a new model for digital advertising. It makes advertisers pay BAT to website publishers for the attention of the users. It may not be much but it is a relief from annoying pop-ups claiming your attention for free. The BAT token has a clear purpose and direct value on the internet.

The founder Brenden Eich was also the inventor of JavaScript and started his career with Netscape (Navigator browser) until it was bought by AOL. He then started the Mozilla Foundation and became the Mozilla corporation’s chief technical officer and build the Firefox browser. After he left Mozilla in 2014 he started Brave software. In january 2016 they launched the open-source Brave web browser.

Brave web browser
Mass adoption guaranteed with 35 million installs on Android alone. This privacy-safe browser is making headlines as the most downloaded browser in 2019. Brave blocks ads and trackers and offers users a choice of viewing selected ads and receiving tokens which they can use to reward content on BAT supported websites like Wikipedia, Twitter, Reddit ,Youtube en Vimeo. Did you know up to 50% of your mobile data is used for adverts and trackers? Brave browser saves you money and battery life all the time.

Token metrics
One billion BAT tokens were sold in ICO. 200 million tokens were reserved for development and a further 300 million tokens has been created and used for user growth (giveaways and signup bonuses). With a total supply of 1.5 billion tokens and 1.3 billion already in circulation the BAT token distribution is close to reaching its end. Shortage of supply will lead to demand and that demand will push the price.

All time high price of BAT was one dollar in January 2018. The BAT price has peaked this year at $0.50 in April and has since declined 70% to a low of $0.15. In the last three weeks it appears to have bottomed at that price. BAT is now at $0.19 enjoying a new upward trend profiting from the positive momentum for all altcoins. If this trend is sustained with a price rise above $0.24 the token can attempt to return to the $0.50 top and above that make for a new all time high. Current price predictions for 2020 are around $1.50 based on the finite supply and the growing number of BAT verified websites and subsequent demand for tokens.

With a very experienced founder and team, mass adoption guaranteed and solving real-world problems the Basic Attention Token could become as well-known and used as Google. All metrics point to a continued and sustained use of the Brave Browser and the BAT token. Become an early adopter and invest in Basic Attention Token now. This coin is part of our Top 30 Bundle and can be bought as a single cryptocurrency.

Market overview

Turkish steel manufacturing and trading company Baştuğ Metallurgy together with other metal trading firms have partnered with Fetch.AI to build a tokenized metal trading exchange with blockchain technology powered by artificial intelligence. Baştuğ Metallurgy is one of the top steel manufacturers in Turkey, and in the top 10 companies in the sector, because of its technological investments. The exchange will be fully functional by the end of this year.

Happy fifth birthday to Verge. Verge will fork in December towards a new halving schedule. Maximum coin supply for Verge is 16.5 billion, and right now almost 16 billion is mined, meaning new coins will run out in May of 2020. The new schedule will distribute the remainder 0.5 billion coins slower giving Verge about four more years to make a more smooth transition to transaction fees as the sole reward for the miners.

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission in the U.S. has declared Ethereum a commodity and not a security. It anticipates derivatives like futures for ETH to trade in the US soon. The CFTC was already clear on Bitcoin to be a commodity. Investors consider this the most favorable outcome. It means far less regulation and a broader market with less restrictions on the trading of Ethereum.

UNICEF has started a Cryptocurrency fund to receive, hold and disburse donations in Bitcoin and Ethereum. Any cryptocurrencies donated to the fund will be held in the same crypto that was contributed and will be granted out in that same cryptocurrency. The first contribution was made by The Ethereum Foundation.