Triaconta Weekly #275

The following topics will be addressed in this weekly:

  • Bundle performance
  • Winners & Losers
  • Market overview

Bundle performance
October 31 marked 15 years since the Bitcoin white paper was published. It is amazing how far crypto has come in the world by now. With Bitcoin leading the way, there is nobody who can ignore crypto anymore. Governments, regulators and most financial institutions are now convinced that this “hype” is not going away at all. In time, blockchain technology will start to improve or replace many traditional systems. You will find which projects are most likely to do so in the Triaconta bundles. They take a step back today after an excellent week and a great month of October.

1 Month: +16.21% | 7D: +2.03% | 24H: -2.80%

1 Month: +15.99% | 7D: +4.80% | 24H: -3.76%

1 Month: +20.52% | 7D: +3.09% | 24H: -7.51%

1 Month: +23.37% | 7D: +4.47% | 24H: -5.65%

Winners & Losers
DeFi benefits extra from higher prices for most coins as the value of tied-up collateral grows and transaction values increase. ThorChain (+32%) is already up over 50% this month after strong growth in transaction volume and the number of ThorWallets. Solana (+24%) continues to be successful and goes live in Google cloud. PanCakeSwap (+20%) yields a little today but keeps enough rise. Near Protocol (+19%) continues its impressive rise in recent weeks after securing additional funding and partnering with Nym for additional security and privacy protection on its network. Losers this week are memecoin Pepe (-9%) after a super month for this coin and Dogecoin (-4%).

Market overview

Solana is live on Google Cloud’s BigQuery data analytics platform. The Solana ecosystem is growing rapidly, delivering a wealth of new innovations, data and insights. With this remarkable growth, there is a growing demand within the Solana community and the wider Web 3.0 industry for quick and easy access to a wealth of insights from all that data. Solana’s partnership with Google Cloud will make the network more accessible, transparent and open, according to both parties.

Xahau is a big step and the first XRP ledger sidechain with Hooks allowing some simple smart contracts to run on the XRP ledger. Xahau was built in about 2 years as a separate L1 blockchain with its own token. There is full connectivity to the XRP ledger and therefore wallets and transactions can be tracked in real time. There is also a minting capability (Burn2Mint) where 1 XRP token yields 1 Xahau token. The XRP token is destroyed in the process. So growing popularity and increasing use of the Xahau network is leading to the destruction of more XRP tokens. More Ripple news is likely next week from the annual Ripple Swell conference in Dubai from 8-9 November.

Now in Dubai is the three-day Cardano conference where one of the discussions is whether the lack of a stablecoin in the Cardano ecosystem is hindering DeFi opportunities. There is therefore a good chance that it will be coming next year. There is also a competition for interesting start-ups such as the first crypto wallet ring, the Tangem Ring.

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