Triaconta Weekly #266

The following topics will be addressed in this weekly:

  • Bundle performance
  • Winners & Losers
  • Market overview

Bundle performance
US (3.2%) and European inflation (5.3%) for July turned out to be even slightly lower than expected. Despite these good reports, Bitcoin continues to move sideways since its rise from 25,000 to 30,000 now 50 days ago. The next Bitcoin halving is in 250 days, falling sometime in April next year. If all the trajectories of postponement, objection and stakeholder consultation have taken place, one or more Bitocin ETFs could also be active around that time. Revisions to the standard bunds have been completed this week and some new entrants Aave (+5%), Synthetix (+8%) and Pepe (+4%) are doing above average while Big3 is lagging a bit behind.

1 Month: +6.33% | 7D: -1.05% | 24H: +0.16%

1 Month: +2.17% | 7D: +0.18% | 24H: -0.33%

1 Month: +2.58% | 7D: +3.69% | 24H: +2.03%

1 Month: -3.73% | 7D: +2.63% | 24H: -0.06%

Winners & Losers
Penystock Shiba Inu (+18%) is rising nicely with possibly the launch of the metaverse Shibarium as early as next week. Thorchain (+17%) is growing and innovating and will break out if it can stay above $1. Reserve Rights (+14%) rebounds from a possible bottom for the third time. Hedera (+8%) closed new deals again with companies looking to adopt its hashgraph blockchain technology. Despite nearly half of the nearly 100 currencies we track trading lower, there were no major declines this week.

Market overview

Last weekend, large Shiba Inu investors (with 100 million to 1 trillion tokens) managed to buy up 11 trillion SHIB. This is 11% of the total amount of tokens. They may be counting on a big increase in value at the launch of Shibarium, which, according to lead developer Shytoshi, will “very likely” take place during the Blockchain Futurist Conference in Toronto on 15-16 August.

According to an announcement by the Hedera Foundation, Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Corporation have introduced a CO2 emission control system on the Hedera network. The adoption of Hedera technology by these two major car manufacturers is but further evidence of the increase in blockchain adoption by the industry and, according to some analysts, predicts a future top 10 listing for HBAR (now 30th) during the next bull run.

Ripple has joined ISDA. ISDA is a prestigious association with more than 1,000 institutional members in 79 countries. It is a driving force in the global derivatives market, setting standards and promoting sound risk management. Ripple’s entry into this exclusive club is seen as an important milestone, positioning Ripple as a major player in the financial world and joining the club of the most powerful entities in the industry such as the largest US banks and stock exchanges. The derivatives market is more than 1000x the size of the crypto market and Ripple’s membership aligns with their ambitions in America and the world.

Paypal with 435 million active accounts launched this week a US$ stablecoin that will run on Ethereum. Given that this blockchain only has a few million active accounts, the use of this stablecoin could start to have a big impact on Ethereum. Also, using the Ethereum blockchain allows easy exchange with other stablecoins on the Ethereum network or payments for web apps with Paypal.

Aptos will partner with Microsoft in the transition from Web2 to Web3. Aptos Labs, the Layer 1 blockchain created by former Meta employees, is going to extend Aptos assistant with Microsoft’s artificial intelligence to ease the onboarding process of users on web3. They will also team up to connect AI to DeFi solutions and Aptos nodes will be added to the Azure network. Developers on the Aptos blockchain can connect their Apps with Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service.

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