Triaconta Weekly #221

The following topics will be addressed in this weekly:

  • Bundle performance
  • Winners & Losers
  • Market overview

Bundle performance
The market continues to follow an upward trend with the recovering DeFi sector leading the way. Bitcoin briefly hit $25,000 with a new announcement from BlackRock that it will also set up its own Bitcoin trust for institutional clients in the US. One by one, big companies like pension provider Fidelity investments and UK banking giant Barclay’s are succumbing to substantial demand for crypto from their clients. It also increases the pressure on lawmakers to come up with clear regulations, which are still largely lacking in America. Europe, with MiCA, is already much further along in this regard.

Big 3:
1 Month: +34.73% | 7D: +5.35% | 24H: -0.47%

Top 30:
1 Month: +47.93% | 7D: +6.69% | 24H: +0.29%

Penny stock:
1 Month: +41.23% | 7D: +7.92% | 24H: +2.15%

1 Month: +56.92% | 7D: +10.44% | 24H: -1.17%

Winners & Losers

Another DeFi lead with a fine rise with lots of volume for Penny Stock Spell Token (+32%). DeFi bundle tokens Chainlink (20%), Avalanche (+17%) and Near Protocol (+15%) again provide excellent bundle returns. Metaverse token ApeCoin (-10%) is losing the most but is still over 50% in the plus over the past 30 days. The new Luna (-7%) drops below 2 euro. Waves (-4%) and Fortube (-5%) correct a bit on their recent rise.

Market overview

On Friday, the last Ethereum test network successfully transitioned to Proof of Stake. The developers are ahead of schedule with this and are now aiming for September 15 for the full-scale transition of Ethereum. All the media attention for Ethereum (+10%) always helps Ethereum Classic (+12%) as well. And it’s becoming increasingly likely that an Ethereum Proof of Work blockchain will remain for those who don’t want to transition to Proof of Stake.

Ripple Labs has built a great reputation as a crypto asset in Japan and throughout Asia. The company is still dealing with the disagreement with the SEC in the United States that began a still ongoing lawsuit in December 2020. However, Ripple has largely expanded in Asia and is used and promoted by popular Japanese financial giant SBI Holdings. Through a rewards system, customers receive vouchers that they can redeem for BTC or XRP. Also, Australia’s CryptoSpend, the first Visa credit card that can be used to pay with crypto recently began rewarding its customers with 3% cashback in XRP even if the payment is made in Australian dollars.

According to a report from LinkedIn, the number of people working in the blockchain industry worldwide has increased by 76% from last year. India and then Canada saw the largest growth in numbers of employees while Spain recorded the largest growth, a six-fold increase, in blockchain-related job openings. The total blockchain job market is expected to grow 50% per year in the coming years.