Triaconta Weekly #209

The following topics will be addressed in this weekly.

  • Bundle performance
  • Winners & Losers
  • New crypto: JasmyCoin

Bundle performance
Unfortunately, the prices plunged on Wednesday due to the publication of the minutes of the last Fed meeting. More and larger interest rate hikes than expected are to be expected in America and that was a bit of a shock. A little shock because the market was already turning upwards on Thursday. Bitcoin remains around €40,000 on a weekly basis as a result, and the overall market is also only just above that important $2,000 billion mark. We see the drop especially in our most volatile Penny Stock bundle.

Big 3:
1 Month: +15.58% | 7D: -0.83% | 24H: +1.15%

Top 30:
1 Month: +21.33% | 7D: -4.59% | 24H: +2.09%

Penny stock:
1 Month: +47.59% | 7D: -12.41% | 24H: +1.90%

1 Month: +28.10% | 7D: -2.58% | 24H: +3.75%

Winners & Losers
NEAR Protocol (+43%) added in Top 30 and DeFi Bundles during the January 2022 revision almost breaks through its all-time high price. A recent funding of $350 million on top of January’s $150 million shows that venture capitalists have confidence in the blockchain. There is also a rumor that they will release a stablecoin just like Terra. Penny stock Spell Token (+14%) continues to rise with a listing on two new Top 5 cryptocurrency exchanges in 1 week. Dogecoin (+8%) likely on the news that Elon Musk has bought a 9.2% stake in Twitter and will be joining its board of directors.
Big loss for Waves (-48%) which is a normal correction after the rapid sixfold increase since February. We will be monitoring to see if the 50-day moving average can provide support. Penny Stocks Zilliqa (-36%), IOST (-24%) and Celer Network (-24%) are also correcting on their huge rise since late March. Zilliqa now needs to start showing that Metapolis can actually attract companies and users.

New crypto: JasmyCoin

The Jasmy project was created for the data from the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT consists of a multitude of internet-connected devices such as computers, cars, phones, but also implantable biochips, wearables or sensors in buildings. It includes both mechanical and digital devices capable of recording and transmitting data elsewhere. Organizations use the data to improve their efficiency, management and overall results. However, collecting data about people and their behavior also carries significant financial and reputational risks such as information leaks and compliance violations. Jasmy aims to provide a secure environment for consumers and businesses in which data can be stored, retained and shared based on the preferences of the data owners. And according to Jasmy, that’s the people, not the companies. Jasmy makes it easy for consumers to store their private data securely (Jasmy personal data locker) but also easy and safe to share data on their own terms and get rewarded for it.

Japanese Certification
Japan is a country with very strict guidelines for crypto currencies. Jasmy coin is the first home-grown crypto coin that has entered the so-called green list and is therefore allowed to be traded on Japanese crypto exchanges. For this, Jasmy has been rigorously evaluated and analyzed by the Japanese regulator and is required to adhere to all Japanese legal requirements. The project is subject to periodic inspections and any violation that could endanger investors, Jasmy will immediately be held accountable. This crypto currency is under government supervision and that gives a lot of confidence.

IOT future
An example from the Netherlands. Mercedes is going to share anonymized data from their smart cars with road authorities over the next two years to give them a better and more up-to-date picture of maintenance status and traffic situations on the road. The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and Mercedes-Benz announced the plans at the Intertraffic exhibition in Amsterdam. Owners of a smart Mercedes (with all kinds of sensors and cameras) do have to give permission to Mercedes to share their data in the current Mercedes-Benz Vehicle Cloud with the Road Monitor program.
In a system with Jasmy, this is organized very differently. The vehicle data will then only be in your personal data locker on the blockchain and will always remain the property of the car owner. Then you may choose to share certain data with Mercedes or another party in exchange for a payment in Jasmy. The price depends on how valuable your data is to the receiving party. Jasmy wants to democratize data and that means no longer a central party (like Mercedes in this case) owns and profits from your data.

Jasmy future
A fantastic team of techies and market experts, the warm ties with Sony and the tech sector in Japan, the certification by the Japanese government and an original and innovative market idea have already made Jasmy hugely popular in Japan. Jasmy will make the move to prominence in the rest of the world in 2022 with offices and alliances in North America and Asia. The Jasmy platform is not only a blockchain but also provides basic modules for IoT communication and the licenses for it. In addition to storing data and sharing/selling it securely and according to the rules, JasmyCoin is also a fast payment system with unlimited possibilities in the sharing economy or in unmanned stores. You also want to be able to spend your earned Jasmy of course.

Jasmy price
The price of the JasmyCoin will always be a reflection of the value of all the data stored on the Jasmy blockchain. In recent years we have seen an increase in data storage, an increase in the number of applications with reliable data, an increase in the number of types of data that can be registered and a significant growth in data trade. Unique and extra valuable for the Jasmy data is that it is fresh IoT data with clearly defined user permission. All of these developments mean an increasingly higher value of data and that therefore means a higher valuation of the solution offered by the Jasmy platform. JasmyCoin has been added to Triaconta’s Penny Stock bundle on April 6 and can also be purchased as a separate crypto.

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