Triaconta Weekly #208

The following topics will be addressed in this weekly.

  • Bundle performance
  • Revision !
  • Market overview

Bundle performance
The overall crypto market continued to rise this week and then did take a step back yesterday where Bitcoin fortunately stayed above €40,000. As a result, the Big3 did lag a bit this week. But we are now mainly paying attention to the other coins, the altcoins. With many thanks to Zilliqa (+280%) , IOST (+56%) and Celer Network (+50%) the Penny Stock bundle rose to the highest weekly increase since the bundle’s existence. The bitcoin dominance continues to decline. Also helpful to know is that April has been incredibly good for the crypto market in seven of the last ten years.

Big 3:
1 Month: +8.19% | 7D: +1.42% | 24H: -4.29%

Top 30:
1 Month: +15.05% | 7D: +6.19% | 24H: -5.30%

Penny stock:
1 Month: +61.48% | 7D: +49.10% | 24H: -2.64%

1 Month: +16.95% | 7D: +9.79% | 24H: -4.14%

Revision !
The crypto market is constantly changing. Triaconta monitors this market daily and decides about every two months whether the coins in all standard bundles offered still fit the current market and, if necessary, changes the composition of the bundle in question. Usually these are limited adjustments of one or two coins based on structural changes we observe in, for example, market capitalization, revenue, investments, user numbers or activity on the network.

Many Triaconta customers have chosen a revision subscription to copy our adjustments directly into their own bundle and thus effortlessly follow the market. Next week the changes below in the standard bundles will therefore also be implemented in all bundles with automatic revision.

In the Top30 bundle, Iota (IOTA) will be replaced by Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR), already known from Penny Stock. Hedera had to leave the Penny Stock bundle in May 2021 due to its high price and now promotes to the Top 30. IOTA has been part of the Top 30 since Triaconta was founded in 2017 and a unique project due to its special transaction processing specifically developed for the massive data processing of the Internet Of Things. Hedera also has a unique super fast transaction processing mechanism that however has a much broader application.

Aave (AAVE) is replaced in the Top 30 by metaverse token Decentraland (MANA) but of course remains in the DeFi bundle. Aave is almost as old as IOTA and began as ETHLend in November 2017 as one of the first DeFi tokens when that word didn’t even exist. The Top 30 wants to stay current and Metaverse projects are growing tremendously in popularity. That’s why we’re adding the most important player in this sector to the Top 30.

In the PennyStock bundle, ForTube (FOR) is replaced by Just (JST). The DeFi sector is developing rapidly and ForTube is unfortunately lagging behind too much. Just is also a DeFi platform but on Tron and also receives technical and financial support from Tron. It is a full-fledged DeFi platform that offers a range of decentralized financial solutions, namely: JustStable, JustLend, JustSwap and JustLink. With the support and connections of founder Justin Sun, also the founder of Tron, sufficient publicity is assured.

Ravencoin (RVN) volume and technical development are no longer sufficient and this spot is filled by JasmyCoin (JASMY) with which we compensate the departure of IOTA from the Top30 bundle with a new Internet Of Things (IOT) related project. Jasmy, headquartered in Tokyo, and led by former Sony executives, has come up with a marketplace for buying and selling IOT data. Jasmy connects service providers who have data streams from large numbers of IOT sensors with companies that could make good use of this information.

Unfortunately, in the DeFi bundle there is only room for 10 champions and Maker (MKR) has to give way to Thorchain (RUNE). Maker has been very successful with stablecoin DAI since October 2020 but there are now several popular stablecoins such as Terra’s UST and USDC from Circle. Thorchain allows coins to be swapped directly from one blockchain to another without any intermediate steps or wrapping. The technology behind this liquidity provision is very complex and developed in a fairly short period of time. This caused a few minor hacks ($10 million) last summer. However, the team fixed this with lightning speed and compensated those affected. On the advice of many, they are now taking it a little slower with updates and that has brought back confidence. Thorchain is currently running on Cosmos and expects to launch its own mainnet in the 2nd half of this year.

By now 76 cryptocurrencies, and as of today the above new ones are also available as separate crypto-currencies on our platform. From next week on more detailed information about the new coins.

Market overview
A new all time high for Terra (LUNA) and that means everyone who has ever bought LUNA with us is in profit. If you already had a Top 30 Bundle and automatic revision turned on in February 2021, you are now up 1500% on this coin.

The Vechain Foundation is strengthening its presence and cooperation in Europe. Co-founder Sunny Lu plans to hire a new technology team of over 100 developers to support the growing demand from European companies. This week, VeChain joined the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), which brings together CEOs and senior management from more than 400 retailers, manufacturers and relevant stakeholders from nearly 70 countries.

Tomorrow, April 2, Zilliqa will launch its own Metaverse-as-a-service project, Metapolis. This new NFT ecosystem has a focus on luxury brands and makes it very easy for enterprises to start their own or joint metaverse. A partnership with Agora, a popular photo app, and several e-sports projects are rapid turning Zilliqa into a frontrunner in Web3 innovation.

Zilliqa’s enormous hype overshadows equally important news that Solana is integrating with the largest NFT marketplace OpenSea. All Solana NFTs will become tradable on OpenSea in April. OpenSea now trades primarily via the Ethereum platform.

Terra foundation is now the largest known Bitcoin owner after Microstrategy and Tesla. So far Terra has purchased over 30 thousand BTC and the goal according to Do Kwon of Terraform Labs is to become the largest with 40% of the collateral for stablecoin UST being Bitcoin. Number 1, Microstrategy, has bought over 125,000 Bitcoin in the last year and a half. That could be a fun contest to watch if you hold Bitcoin yourself.