Triaconta Weekly #200

The following topics will be addressed in this weekly.

  • Bundle performance
  • Winners & Losers
  • Market overview

Bundle performance

The total cryptocurrency market increased in value again and the market leader Bitcoin also seems to have found its bottom. As long as we stay above the bottoms of last summer and preferably all the way above € 30,000, we look forward to a good year for crypto.

Performance this week of all Bundles is around +5%.

Winners & Losers

Tezos (+31%) signs a sponsorship deal with Manchester United. A good week also for Maker (+24%) and Ontology (+19%). Our new additions in the bundles Spell Token (+19%) and Near Protocol (+19%) are doing very well. We are also seeing a telltale comeback of the largest altcoin Ethereum (+17%). Some loss for Waves (-10%) and Nano (-6%) who were barely able to trade this week due to their ticker change on all exchanges from NANO to XNO.

Market overview

Sponsorship by the crypto sector is going to take off this year. Keep in mind that most people do not yet own cryptocurrencies and then you know that brand awareness will make a difference. Binance exchange became the main sponsor of Lazio Roma last year and is now also going to sponsor the Argentina national team and do something with the Africa Cup. Manchester United announce a deal with Tezos and all the major clubs are looking to NFTs to boost their revenues. Unfortunately, that ended badly for FC Groningen because the cryptocurrency-based platform for digital supporters experience IQONIQ went bankrupt and the fans are left with worthless tokens.

In America, the division over crypto is increasingly found along political divides. Democratic Congressman Sherman believes we should nip crypto and exchanges in the bud because he believes they only undermine America’s (dollar) power. However, more and more Republican congressmen appear to stock up on bitcoin, ethereum and cardano. President Biden will soon be ordering the various financial regulators to report on how they think crypto should be regulated. This means that it is now considered important enough to coordinate crypto regulation centrally from the White House. The outcome of the SEC vs Ripple case could also be crucial for the path the US will take in the coming years.

The market value of Axie Infinity is now 13 billion and it is expected that this will continue to grow strongly in the coming period. With 2.5 million active players, who also have a financial interest in this game, that is very likely. Behind Axie Infinity is game development company Sky Mavis, which last week raised $152 million from investors to further grow the Axie Infinity “play-to-earn” game. Sky Mavis employs more than 100 people and is already valued at $3 billion.

At Gala games, the presale of the newest game Spidertanks started today. The game was developed by the Dutch Gamedia. Spider Tanks is free to play, but also features a variety of Play-to-Earn elements, with an emphasis on competition and resource gathering. There is also a paid (!) upgrade cycle for your game elements. For the best stuff you have to pay a lot of Gala.