Triaconta Weekly #190

The following topics will be addressed in this weekly.

  • Bundle performance
  • Winners & Losers
  • What is ForTube?
  • Balancing

Bundle performance

Are we going to close the month of November with the blast predicted by many or save the fireworks for December? With today’s sudden drop, most bundles close out the week on a negative note and November is turning red.

Revision update: Gala Games has risen sharply in the past month, reaching a high of €0.75 on Thursday, which is a more than 800% increase since it was added to the PennyStock bundle.

Big 3:
1 Month: -7.45% | 7D: -4.62% | 24H: -6.03%

Top 30:
1 Month: -13.05% | 7D: -7.21% | 24H: -8.40%

Penny stock:
1 Month: +54.68% | 7D: +9.92% | 24H: -9.99%

1 Month: -16.77% | 7D: -7.47% | 24H: -11.14%

Winners & Losers

Again on top Gala Games (+180%) and Basic Attention Token (+43%) and Enjin (+20%) also reached a new all-time high this week. Black Friday discounts unfortunately for most coins with 20% drop for ICON, PancakeSwap and OMG Network and 15% drop for Cardano, Chainlink and VeChain.

What is ForTube?

The ForTube platform is an open financial service protocol committed to providing inclusive, innovative, secure and programmable functionality for the modern financial industry. The ForTube team strives to realize inclusive financing and provide appropriate financial services to all users in the world.

The Force
ForTube has taken a good look at what went wrong with previous DeFi applications. There are three special components on the platform, collectively called “The Force”. They are intended as solutions to the problems faced by Ethereum-based DApp users and developers. The team wants to use these components to improve contract upgrades, fixed data structure, slow on-chain interaction, poor user interface, lack of necessary infrastructure and security vulnerabilities.

The first key component is the Assets Protected Elastic Contracts (APEC), which allows for decentralization and ownership of assets, while allowing customizations and improvements in contract development.

The second component is the Blockchain Inquiring, Auditing and Messaging System (BEAMS), to better synchronize the on-chain and off-chain world. The system ensures that smart contracts receive reliable information from the real world.

The third and perhaps most important component is the DeFi security component. Every application / smart contract on the ForTube platform has a Cooperative Automatic Lockdown Mechanism (CALM) that continuously monitors risk and automatically initiates a Global Emergency Lockdown (GEL) in the event of an attack to prevent or limit damage. The administrators of the application are also immediately informed.
Multisig Admin Keys (MAK) ensures that a malicious person with a stolen access key does not gain full access. Full access is only available if multiple administrators (currently 2 out of 3) log in. The stolen key can then be immediately rendered useless.

ForTube Bond and ForTube Bank
ForTube offers two primary services, ForTube Bond and ForTube Bank. These services are offered on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon and OEC. ForTube mainly focuses on the BSC because there are still few credit platforms. On Ethereum, there is a lot of competition from Compound and AAVE.

ForTube bank users can deposit, withdraw, borrow and pay. Like most lending and borrowing protocols, users earn interest by depositing crypto into the platform. Here too, the ForTube team paid close attention and looked at other platforms. ForTube bank has a variable interest rate model which is fully algorithm driven and adjusts the interest rate based on supply and demand.

ForTube Bond has a lot of growth potential. The market is now dominated by lending through financing pools and the business volume of bond platforms is limited. The issuance of bonds traditionally involves many institutional obligations and you need various agencies, accountants, credit insurers, and lawyers for ratings, registration, custody and the entire expensive and time-consuming settlement of placement and sale. ForTube Bond has invented “crypto-bonds”, and has a complete suite of smart solutions on the blockchain to mimic traditional bond markets, with
including credit rating, bond issuance, bond liquidation and bond trading.

ForTube has seen the limitations of the traditional financial system and has learned a lot from previous DeFi projects. Version 3.5 of the platform is now live and further development is underway. You can find more information about ForTube at

ForTube price
Every month, 20% of the service fees on the ForTube platform are burned in FOR. As a result, fewer tokens remain, which positively influences the price. In addition to established DeFi lending platforms such as Maker and Compound, the projects AAVE and ForTube are seen as the second generation to take their place in the cryptocurrency market through improvements and innovations. Aave has a market capitalization of $3 billion and $16 billion in investment value. ForTube has a market cap of $50 million and $76 million in investment value. ForTube is sometimes called a mini Aave and can grow another 60x before it is that size. We don’t see any reason at this point why this couldn’t happen. This is especially true if the ForTube Bond bond market takes off. ForTube has been part of the PennyStock bundle since the end of October.


The information below is not investment advice and only intended as an explanation of one of the features of Triaconta bundles. Balancing your bundle can positively or negatively influence the future returns of your bundle.

Each bundle starts with a split of your investment across different currencies to spread both the opportunity and the risk. Over time, the distribution of your bundle changes, with some coins growing and others falling in value. With regular balancing you reduce the increased risk that arises if one or a few coins have a major impact on the total value of your bundle.

In extreme cases such as Gala in the Penny Stock bundle, one coin can rise so much that it represents half of your bundle value. That’s fine, of course, if the coin continues to rise, because with each further increase of 50%, the return of your entire bundle increases by 25%. Less fun if the coin suddenly drops significantly, because with a decrease of 50%, your entire bundle decreases in value by 25%. You have to think carefully about whether you want to take this opportunity and that risk. That choice depends on your personal financial circumstances, your knowledge of crypto and your risk appetite.

If you want to continue to spread both the risks and the opportunities and thus make your total investment less dependent on the movement of a single coin, you can choose to have your bundle balanced periodically. You can also manually balance your bundle from time to time. In balancing, a portion of the coins that have risen is sold and the proceeds are used to buy more coins that have risen or less. More information about the different balancing options can be found here