Triaconta Weekly #156

The following topics will be addressed in this weekly.

  • More support
  • Bundles performance
  • Market overview

More Support

Our apologies to anyone who has tried to contact us in the past few weeks. A lot of you will have noticed a significant delay in our responses due to a deluge of new applications. We are of course very happy with every new customer, but we are also very sorry that we could not keep up. We have hired new experienced staff to restore the service level to what it should be. From now on we will also send this Triaconta Weekly every week again.

Bundles performance

Big 3:
1 Month: 1.34% | 7D: 2.91% | 24H: 0.30%

Top 30:
1 Month: 14.41% | 7D: 11.06% | 24H: 0.29%

1 Month: -1.89% | 7D: 2.77% | 24H: -1.00%

Penny stock:
1 Month: 58.20% | 7D : 19.84% | 24H: 1.07%

Bitcoin’s (BTC) price has so far failed to make new all-time highs above $60,000 this week. After the breakout above $58,000, negative news from India, as well as general macroeconomic weakness and rebounding U.S. dollar, appear to have halted the rally. There was a small revival yesterday afternoon, but it didn’t push through. Slowly but steadily however, the price is going up again. Ethereum (ETH) started its recovery this morning, after last night’s plummet.

Market overview

Morgan Stanley first major bank to give customers access to Bitcoin |

Morgan Stanley becomes the first major US investment bank to give its clients access to Bitcoin (BTC). The bank will make it possible for its customers to invest in Bitcoin funds. The three Bitcoin funds are two funds from Galaxy Digital, Mike Novogratz’s cryptocurrency investment firm, and NYDIG’s Bitcoin fund. Only accredited investors who have more than $ 2 million in capital with the bank can access it. For investment companies, the minimum is $ 5 million.

Deutsche Bank decide Bitcoin too important to ignore |

Global banking giant Deutsche Bank expects governments to start regulating Bitcoin by the end of 2021. Deutsche Bank analysts suggested that the Bitcoin price “could continue to rise” further as long as asset managers and companies continue to enter the market. The firm emphasized that central banks and governments now “understand that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are here to stay” and thus are expected to start regulating them by late 2021. Bitcoin is expected to “remain ultra volatile” in the short term, Deutsche Bank analysts concluded, forecasting a turning point for Bitcoin in the next “two or three years” as a consensus about its future may emerge.

Bitcoin’s ‘Rich List’ shrinks as whales take profits |

Sometimes referred to as Bitcoin’s “rich list,” the number of unique addresses holding more than 1,000 BTC has shrunk by over 8% since Feb. 8, according to the data provider Glassnode. Blockchain data shows that large Bitcoin investors have been selling some of their holdings amid this year’s price rally, supporting recent signs retail buying has been a key factor in supporting the market. “Whale addresses have been selling,” market analyst Lark Davis tweeted. The rich list grew during the May 2020-February 2021 period as whales vigorously accumulated the cryptocurrency.