Triaconta Weekly #153

The following topics will be addressed in this weekly.

  • Sales has re-opened
  • Bundle performance
  • Market overview

Sales has re-opened!

Now that Triaconta has received the registration from the DNB, the sales are open to everyone again!

Interested parties can create an account here:

Bundel performance

Bitcoin seems unstoppable! Bitcoin broken its “All time high” last night with a price of over $ 48,000! On to the $ 100,000!

Big 3:
3 Months: 188.43% | 1 Month: 32.85% | 24H: 12.76%

Top 30:
3 Months: 227.8% | 1 Month: 74.46% | 24H: 9.43%

1 Months: 140.41% | 7D: 38.28% | 24H: -0.41%

Penny stock:
3 Months: 515.15% | 1 Month: 134.16% | 24H: 12.92%

Market overview

GameStop and the infamous short squeeze |

For days, the financial world has been under the spell of GameStop. The share of an old-fashioned video game retailer, suddenly went completely through the roof. Someone on the internet forum Reddit noticed that many large hedge funds had huge short positions on the stock. He was able to convince a huge number of people to buy the stock in order to drive up the price and put the hedge funds in trouble. It caused a loss of billions for the funds in question. They were eventually forced to leave their short positions and buy back the borrowed stock, which of course pushed the price up even further. As a result of GameStop’s price explosion, major hedge funds have lost billions and the end does not seem in sight yet. The GameStop scandal is a good example of how the power of the internet and social media is still underestimated by the established order.

Altcoin explosion provides steady increases |

Most of the major altcoins continue to rise. Ethereum (ETH) is showing signs of a bullish breakout and it could move above USD 1,700. ZRX is one of the last to take action, and how. At gigantic volume it breaks to a new ceiling. The ZRX token from the Ethereum-based decentralized exchange Ox set an all-time high of $ 1,149 early on Friday and was last seen at $ 1.30 switching hands, representing a 60% gain on a 24-hours basis. The token has more than doubled in value since Wednesday, surpassing the previous peak price of $ 0.96 reached in August 2020, according to CoinDesk 20 data.

Musk’s Doge, Bitcoin Tweets May Spur Double-Digit Returns |

Billionaire and Tesla’s head Elon Musk’s Twitter activity is not only stirring controversy, but it also triggers abnormal trading volumes and double-digit returns, according to a recent paper by the Blockchain Research Lab (BRL). With a Twitter account with 45.5m followers, Musk continues to move markets through his never-ending stream of opinions on the social media, pushing dogecoin (DOGE) upwards after calling it the “people’s crypto”, in his spare time between launching rockets into space and becoming the richest person on the planet. Internet sleuths are now speculating that Musk may be the secret owner of a crypto wallet crammed to brim with the token du jour: dogecoin (DOGE).