Triaconta Weekly #153

The following topics will be addressed in this weekly.

  • Bundles performance
  • Market overview

Big 3:
3 Months: 126.55% | 1 Month: 48.66% | 24H: 7.98%

Top 30:
3 Months: 116.50% | 1 Month: 76.22% | 24H: 11.69%

1 Months: 108.83% | 7D: 5.29% | 24H: 12.68%

Penny stock:
3 Months: 133.42% | 1 Month: 81.62% | 24H: 7.98%

Market overview

Bitcoin miners facing chip shortage amid skyrocketing demand

Bitcoin miners are scrambling to acquire more mining rigs as the global semiconductor shortage worsens. A chip shortage is significantly affecting the Bitcoin mining hardware distribution chain, according to Reuters on Friday.Bitmain — one of the major Bitcoin miner makers — has seen its inventory sold out until August 2021. Apart from being out of stock, Bitmain’s mining rigs are now at a massive price premium. Back in November 2020, the Antminer S19 shipped for $1,897 per unit. As of the time of writing, the same miner is priced at $2,767 on the company’s website — a 45% markup.

Going long: 270K Bitcoin moved into storage in a month

Despite surging prices, Bitcoin investors are rapidly locking up their BTC for the long-term, with 270,000 BTC being taken out of liquid supply in the last 30 days. According to data published by crypto market data aggregator Glassnode, “liquid” Bitcoin wallets have shed 270,000 BTC over the past month, up from 175,000 Bitcoin at the start of January.