11 reasons for Cryptocurrency Portfolio Revisions

11 reasons why every Bundle should have periodic revision enabled. We thought about naming all theoretical benefits of revision. We can easily tell you in how many ways it minimizes risk.  Or we can show you why it is widely considered important in maximizing profitability and preventing losses. We could also warn you it requires competence and skill to do it right. But… we’ve decided to just show you the results!

Top 30 Bundle revisions

Revision for the Top 30 Bundle depends on long-term market capitalization developments, quality of the development team and broad availability for trading.

Revision 15/03/2019 +102%

#1 Siacoin is replaced by Bitcoin Cash

After the November 15, 2018 Bitcoin Cash hardfork it was uncertain which of the two resulting chains would survive. Therefore we sold our Bitcoin Cash (for $450) from CombiCoin. On March 15 we welcomed Bitcoin Cash ABC (trading at $135) back in our Top 30 Bundle to replace SiaCoin. The downtrend of Sia seemed endless and the renewed optimism after the hardfork was very visible in Bitcoin Cash.

If you had 100 euros of Siacoin in your Bundle, then thanks to the revision to Bitcoin Cash it would now be worth €170.82. This is a lot more than the Siacoin that would only be worth €84.58 today.

Revision 15/05/2019 +63%

#2 Bitshares is replaced by Binance coin
#3 Steem is replaced by Basic Attention

The popularity of Bitshares and Steem had further declined, so on May 15 we replaced them with Binance Coin and Basic Attention Token. This was a difficult period in the market when all coins except for Bitcoin were losing. These replacements were to prevent further losses and give the Bundle better chances to be profitable in the long-term.

If you had 100 euros of Bitshares and Steem in your Bundle, then thanks to the revision to Binance Coin and Basic Attention token it would now be worth €68.42. This is a loss, but better than the Bitshares and Steem that would only be worth €41.86 today.

Revision 15/07/2019 +77%

#4 Icon is replaced by Cosmos
#5 Zilliqa is replaced by ChainLink

All coins are periodically reevaluated on technological aspects to keep the Bundle as diversified as possible. These two coins were unique in their proposition and rising stars in market share. Icon and Zilliqa both had problems with development and were not fulfilling  promises and their market positions showed that.

If you had 100 euros of Icon and Zilliqa in your Bundle, then thanks to the revision to Cosmos and ChainLink it would now be worth €85.99. This is a loss, but  better than the Icon and Zilliqa that would only be worth €48.69 today.

Revision 15/09/2019

Revision was not necessary in September. The Top 30 Bundle is up to date with the latest developments in the market.

Penny Stock Bundle revisions

Revision for the Penny Stock Bundle depends on short-term market volume development, rising stars and technological breakthroughs. New additions may not last long in this part of the market.

Revision 15/03/2019 +1%

#6 Verge is replaced by BitTorrent
#7 Agrello is replaced by Enjin (and replaced by Holo and Doge)

Penny Stock revision criteria were still under development when we did our first revision. This may be the reason these two replacements were not profitable. Newcomer BitTorrent is the first TRC-10 utility token on the Tron network and potentially has hundreds of millions of users on the existing BitTorrent network. Enjin gives game developers, content creators and gaming communities the required crypto-backed value and tools for implementing and managing virtual goods. Both held big promises but their existence in the Bundle was short-lived. Enjin was replaced after 4 months and we will replace BitTorrent next week, both for lack of trading volume on the exchanges.

If you had 100 euros of Verge and Agrello in your Bundle, then thanks to the revision to BitTorrent and Enjin (and subsequently Holo and Dogecoin) it would now be worth €49.00. This is a loss, and only a little better than staying in Verge and Agrello that would be worth €48.47 today.

Revision 15/05/2019 +20%

#8 Aelf is replaced by Mithril (and replaced by Matic)

Mithril promised to be the best coin for receiving rewards on existing social media platforms because the ERC-20 MITH token can be integrated easily with any social media platform. After 4 months we saw the Mithril revision was somewhat profitable (+5%) compared to Aelf but volume was down and falling rapidly. In the September revision we replaced Mithril with Matic which gave much better results. Aelf trading at €0.18 in May was the first coin to be replaced because of its success in exceeding the investment objective of Penny Stock (coin price lower than €0.10). It rose a little further after that but then fell and is now trading at €0.08.

If you had 100 euros of Aelf, then thanks to the revision to Mithril (and subsequently Matic) it would now be worth €53.93,. This is a loss, but still better than the Aelf that would be worth €44.91 today.

Revision 15/07/2019 +44%

#9 Quarkchain is replaced by Holo
#10 Enjin is replaced by Dogecoin

Enjin has been struggling to get adoption in games. It seems the market is not ready yet for a neutral platform and game developers will first try to make their own blockchain and cryptocurrency. QuarkChain’s use of sharding and 1 million transaction per second capabilities is impressive. The technology is only necessary if you have that many transactions. More likely sharding will be adopted by other blockchains like Ethereum. Holo really brings something new with their agent-centric blockchain approach and could grow to be an Amazon web services competitor. Dogecoin is too popular to be ignored and although its market capitalization is low the project has a strong user base and has been able to survive and prosper since 2013.

If you had 100 euro of Quarkchain and Enjin in your Bundle, then thanks to the revision to Holo and DogeCoin it would now be worth €72.65. This is a loss, but  much better than the Enjin and QuarkChain that would now be worth €50.32.

Revision 15/09/2019 +58%

#11 Mithril is replaced by Matic

Mithril had a fantastic June, but soon after that lost ground to other similar platforms like Tron, BitTorrent and even to recently added DogeCoin. With Matic we add a more technologically advanced second-layer project focussed on high performing user-friendly decentralized applications.

If you had 100 euro of Mithril in your Bundle, then thanks to the revision to Matic it would now be worth €116.77. This is profit and more than the same investment still in Mithril now worth €73.96.


Don’t have time to keep a close eye on your bundle and the market? Not feeling confident you have the competence and skills to pick the right coins? Then set up automatic revision and your bundle is regularly updated automatically. Our automatic revision method is working for the Top 30 and Penny Stock Bundle in 100% of the cases so far.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. This is not investment advice, it is for informational purposes only. We made a comparison of what would happen with a 100 euro investment if automatic revision was enabled and what would happen if it was not. Prices can go up or down, and this is beyond our control. We have calculated by how much replacing a coin in your Bundle made your situation better. Or if all prices were lower by how much it made it less worse. We have not taken into account the relatively low costs of the automatic revision (including transaction costs) which amount to 0.10% of the value of the Bundle for Top 30 and 0.30% of the value of the Bundle for Penny Stock. Prices used in the comparison were revision date opening price and 15/10/2019 opening price. You can check these prices on Coinmarketcap historical data.