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Distributed profit shares on TRIA

Upcoming snapshot dates

Every last business day of the month the snapshot is taken to determine how many TRIA tokens are held by the wallet and profit shares are paid accordingly.

Snapshot June: Friday 29th June

Snapshot July: Tuesday 31st July

Make sure your TRIA Tokens are stored in a wallet you own (NOT on an exchange) in order to receive profit share payout in ETH.

Distributed profit share for May 2018

$0,13 per TRIA.

Profit share has been distributed on the 31st of May in Ethereum directly to the wallets holding the TRIA tokens.

Previous TRIA Token share pay-outs:

April 2018 – $ $0,065 per TRIA

March 2018 – $ 0,01 per TRIA

February 2018 – $0,054 per TRIA

January 2018 – $0,2707 per TRIA

December 2017 – $0,1478 per TRIA

Current TRIA Token market price :

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TRIA Token
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TRIA Token details

Token name:
Triaconta (TRIA) – Triaconta non-voting profit-share smart contract

ERC20 Ethereum based on profit share smart contract

Token supply:
276.000 (fixed supply)

Expected profit shares:
We expect the profit share to be between $ 0.05 and $ 0.11 per month.*

Future tokens:
TRIA Tokens were only issued during the ICO. There will be no new issuances after the ICO

A TRIA Token has 10 decimals.

*Height of profit share depends on the results of Triaconta. It can be $ 0.