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Distributed profit shares on TRIA

Distributed profit share for March 2018

$ 0.01 per TRIA.

Profit share has been distributed on the 4th of April in Ethereum directly to the wallets holding the TRIA tokens.

Previous TRIA Token share pay-outs:

February 2018 – $0.054 per TRIA

January 2018 – $0.2707 per TRIA

December 2017 – $0.1478 per TRIA

Current TRIA Token market price :

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TRIA Token
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TRIA Token details

Token name:
Triaconta (TRIA) – Triaconta non-voting profit-share smart contract

ERC20 Ethereum based on profit share smart contract

Token supply:
276.000 (fixed supply)

Expected profit shares:
We expect the profit share to be between $ 0.05 and $ 0.11 per month.*

Future tokens:
TRIA Tokens were only issued during the ICO. There will be no new issuances after the ICO

A TRIA Token has 10 decimals.

*Height of profit share depends on the results of Triaconta. It can be $ 0.