Dear TRIA Token holder,

To ensure that Triaconta will be able to keep on going forward, continue to develop software to generate more income and to grow as a company and safeguard continuity we decided to do a profit share as described below.

– Profit split between Bundles and trading tools
TRIA Token holders will receive 50% of the profits made from Bundles. These profits consists out of: Entry fees, mutation fees, rebalance and revisions fees and exit fees.

Trading tools
On top of the Bundles profit share we will distribute 10% of the profits generated with all trading tools. The main purpose of the rest of the profit is investing in new tools and improving existing tools.

– Quarterly profit shares
Because calculating and distributing the profit shares takes time and money, we will determine the profit based on a full quarter.

– Profit share is based on actual profit
Profit shares can only be paid if Triaconta has generated net profit. We will determine per quarter what the exact net profit is. The net profit calculation is as follows:

Revenue realized – costs & expenses – reservations = Net profit

If there was a net loss in the quarter before we will deduct this from the net profit/loss in the following quarter.

TRIA Token Quarterly
All TRIA Token holders that have held their TRIA Tokens on the ICO wallet will receive a TRIA Token Quarterly update automatically. This update will contain the following:

– Development update
– Roadmaps
– Profit share (once per quarter)

If you have moved your TRIA Tokens, or purchased them from an exchange, we can not automatically send you the updates. If you want to receive the Quarterly update, please leave your email address here.


Expectations for 2019
As a company we strongly believe that the markets will pick up momentum again in 2019. As more institutions, companies and even countries learn to appreciate the usage of cryptocurrencies, we expect the demand for them will increase. When that happens the prices will rise, leading to people wanting to buy more cryptocurrencies. This is extremely positive for Triaconta Bundles. An increase of price will also lead to more trade volume across all exchanges, making our trading tools more profitable.

We will keep on developing Bundles, adding more features. Making it even more user friendly and will take over the world with our easy to use Euro IN and Euro OUT system, allowing everyone to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with ease.