Sell Ethereum for EURO using BTC Direct

This is a tutorial to sell Ethereum directly from your own wallet for euros on your bank account.

If you are not yet registered on BTC Direct

BTC Direct services are available to everyone within the SEPA.

You will need:

  1. Mobile phone
  2. Proof of identity e.g. a passport or drivers license
  3. Bank account

BTCDirect website

To allow our customers to sell Ethereum quickly we have partnered with BTC Direct. Please use our affiliate link to register at the BTC Direct website here.

Next choose your region by clicking the flag above. Several European languages are available.

Name and email address

Click Register and fill out your full name and email address. It is important to use your real name because it will be compared to your proof of identity and the name on your bank account.

You will use BTC Direct to convert crypto back to euro or dollar so you have to comply with the regulatory requirements of the bank and the government.

Choose your Password

You will receive an e-mail. Click on the link to activate your account. Choose a strong password and keep it safe.

Use your Mobile phone

Fill out your mobile phone number. You will receive a text message. Click on the link in the text message to upload your proof of identity. Also make an ID-selfie (you holding your passport) and click proceed after uploading.

It takes about five to ten minutes before the documents are verified.

If you are registered on BTC Direct

Log into the BTC Direct website.

  1. Click the ‘Sell’ tab and select ‘E’ for Ethereum.

2. Fill out the number of Ethereum you want to sell and click the green ‘Sell’ button .

3. Choose the bank account where you want to receive your euros. If you have bought Ethereum before using BTC Direct this will be already filled out.

4. Check the general terms and conditions and click the green ‘Checkout’ button.

5. You will now receive the wallet address of BTC Direct and have one hour to send the Ethereum. Copy the address to the clipboard.

6. On a new page navigate to Send Ether & Tokens op MyEtherWallet.

7. Select how you want to unlock your wallet.

8. Change the ‘Gas price’ on top of the page. Click here for the optimal Gas price. Look on the right for ‘Recommended Gas Prices’ and choose the Gas Price for  ‘Standard’. Ignore the information from MyEtherWallet about which price is fast or slow.

9. The address below is just an example. In ‘To Address’ fill out the address where you want to send your Ethereum by pasting from the clipboard. This is the address you received from BTC Direct in step 5.

10. Click on ‘Generate Transaction’. A few more fields appear below. This is the browser generating your transaction.

11. Click on the blue button ‘Send Transaction’. A pop-up screen ‘You are about to send…’ appears. Double check if it is Ethereum you are sending and if the amount and the address are correct. The address should match the information on the BTC Direct page.

12. The Ethereum will be sold immediately on a cryptocurrency exchange by BTC Direct. After one hour you will receive an e-mail with a full report. The proceeds will be on your bank account the next working day.