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New legal structure

Triaconta and CombiCoin have a new legal structure since March 2018. In the new structure, CombiCoins will be sold only by the CombiCoin foundation through Buyers are able to pay with either Dollar, Euro, Bitcoin or Ethereum. All revenues raised through CombiCoin sales will be passed down from the CombiCoin foundation to Triaconta B.V.. Triaconta B.V. is a self-contained and individual organization that aims to diversify risk by investing its capital into carefully selected cryptocurrencies for its own benefit.

Differences between old and new structure

The most important difference is that a CombiCoin holder is not, in any case, in possession of or entitled to collateral assets or its value. As a CombiCoin holder, you are able to sell CombiCoin on crypto exchanges Fork Delta and Idex and to Triaconta B.V. (depending on supply and demand).

In addition, from now on we will not be able to communicate that a CombiCoin is 100% backed by the top 30 cryptocurrencies and that a CombiCoin gives you the rights to its assets or its valuation.