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How to make an Ethereum Wallet


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  1. Go to
  2. Enter a password of at least 9 characters long
  3. Never lose your password! Write it down somewhere. There is no password recovery option.
  4. Click on Create New Wallet
  5. Download Keystore File (UTC / JSON).
  6. Store the UTC file somewhere where you will never lose it, even if your computer breaks down.
  7. Click on 'I understand. Continue.'
  8. Click on 'Print Paper Wallet' and print the paper wallet.
  9. Your Ethereum Wallet address is visible on your paper wallet next to 'Your Address'. An Ethereum wallet always starts with 0x.
  10. Please know that the combination of this paper wallet and your password created in step 2 is all someone needs to enter your wallet. Keep the paper wallet and your password created in step 2 separately, so do not write your password on your paper wallet.
  11. Click on 'Save Your Address'.
  12. You are finished and have your own Ethereum Wallet! Now we can check if it actually works.
  13. Unlock your wallet to see your address. Click on Keystore File (UTC / JSON).
  14. Click on Select Wallet File... and select the Keystore File you downloaded in step 5.
  15. Fill in your password you used in step 2 and click on Unlock.
  16. Now you can see Your Address and you Account Balance. Your Address (starting with 0x) should be the same as on your printed Paper Wallet. Your Account Balance should be 0.
  17. Now select your Address and copy/paste it into the participation form.
  18. Now you are ready to participate!