We want to be able to offer you a safe environment, so that malicious people can not access your account with just the username and password. Two factor authentication is a secure solution because an extra factor is used on top of the username / password combination. The factor is a token that you keep on your mobile phone and this generates an extra code to log in. An extra action for you when logging in, but an act that a malicious person can never perform.

Imagine someone else gaining access to your email account. This person then clicks on the website “I have forgotten my password” and will receive a link in the email to change the password. Then this person has full access to your Triaconta account. With 2FA activated this cannot happen because this person does not have your mobile phone and so lacks the extra code needed to log in.

We have linked your Triaconta account to a fixed bank account and the other person can therefore not steal your money. The actions on the account can however create costs by selling bundles and buying other bundles and can disrupt all your settings.