How can invest more in my Bundle?

In your portal select Buy in the menu and choose to buy more of an existing Bundle. Choose which of your bundles you want to top up. And then choose the amount and payment method.

My IBAN is not correct

If the IBAN on the payout page is not or no longer your bank account, please contact [email protected] Triaconta has a strict policy for adjusting bank account numbers. Triaconta does not allow the transfer of assets between corporate and private accounts or between different private accounts by changing the bank account number.

What is the Balancing tool?

Select Balancing in the menu. You can execute balancing once by choosing manual balancing for the bundle or you can set up the automatic balancing to be performed periodically every two weeks, every month or every two months. You do not have to think about it yourself anymore and it has lower fees than the [...]

What are pre-selected Bundles?

Triaconta provides pre-selected Bundles. These are Bundles with a collection of cryptocurrency selected by Triaconta according to a certain strategy. You can find more information about the pre-selected Bundles on our website.

Why should I balance my Bundle?

Over time, the distribution of value in your bundle changes. The share of a few cryptocurrencies in your bundle can grow strongly because they themselves rise in price or because others fall in price. Having a larger share in a certain cryptocurrency can be positive if the cryptocurrency rises further, and also negative if this [...]

What is a custom Bundle?

A custom Bundle consists of your personal selection of the cryptocurrencies offered by Triaconta. You decide which coins are in the Bundle and the distribution of the coins in the Bundle. You can use a pre-selected Bundle as your starting point and add or remove different coins later. Automatic balancing of a custom Bundle is [...]

What is Target distribution?

Target distribution allows you to change the distribution to a personal ideal balance. Suppose you have a Top 30 and always want to have 13% in Bitcoin and distribute the rest evenly at 3%? Go to Bundles + Balancing and click "What is a target distribution and how do I update this". By adjusting the [...]

Can I balance one coin?

Select Adjust in the menu below Bundles. You can use the sliders to sell one or more coins and to buy one or more other coins. If you sell more than you buy, you will receive this difference in credits.