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Sell your CombiCoins

Willing to sell your CombiCoins? Triaconta can* buy your CombiCoins for Ethereum. We will buy them for either the current best price or a target USD price. You will be paid in Ethereum to your wallet. You can easily convert Ethereum to EUR/USD by using an exchange like CoinBase or BTC Direct.

There is a 3.5% service fee to cover all costs.

*Depending on demand.

Exact procedure:
1. Fill out the form on this page.
2. Use the link in the e-mail we’ll send you to go to your personal Triaconta portal.
3. Click on the “payment instructions” button for payment instructions.
4. Use payment instructions to send the CombiCoins you want to Triaconta to buy.
5. After receiving your CombiCoins we will inform you via e-mail.
6. Use the link in this e-mail to go to your Triaconta portal, here you will be able to set the price to:
-Target USD price: When target is reached your CombiCoins will be bought by Triaconta.
-Best price: We will sell your CombiCoins immediately for the current best price.
7. After the CombiCoins have been bought, Ethereum will be send to your wallet.
8. You can exchange your Ethereum for EUR/USD on various exchanges.

In every e-mail we will communicate what the steps are that you need to take and will provide the necessary tutorials. You can find the extensive tutorial how to sell your CombiCoins here:

How to sell my CombiCoins