How to register a Triaconta account?

Select "Register" on the homepage. Fill in your details and click on “Register”. Within seconds you will receive an e-mail with which you can confirm your e-mail address. You can then log in immediately with your chosen password.

How does verification work and what items do I have to submit?

We strive to make buying and selling cryptocurrencies as easy as possible, but do not allow anonymous trading. To prevent abuse of our platform, we want users to identify themselves. After you have created an account by registering you can verify your account in your personal portal under “Verification”. For this we need the following [...]

Do I have to pay crypto taxes?

Triaconta does not offer tax advice. The information below should not be regarded as advice or a personal recommendation. In the Netherlands, wealth tax is due for private individuals on the value of your assets on 1 January. Cryptocurrencies are part of your other assets in box 3. Tax rules on cryptocurrency holdings and/or [...]

I want to sell my Bundle, how does this work?

Sell Your personal portal allows you to instantly sell (a part of) your Bundle at any time. Choose Sell in the menu below Bundles and with the help of a slider, you can easily indicate how much of your Bundle you want to sell. Sales are executed immediately on the exchange and proceeds are added [...]

What are Triaconta Bundles?

Triaconta Bundles are, either pre-selected or custom created collections of cryptocurrencies. So you buy multiple cryptocurrencies in one go. Bundles can only be bought at Triaconta and can be monitored, analyzed, adjusted and sold by you in your personal Triaconta portal.

What are credits?

You acquire credits by selling a Bundle or individual coins. Credits have a stable value in Euro and can be used for new purchases or sold for Euros to your bank account. You can not buy credits with Euros.

Can I withdraw cryptocurrencies from my Bundle?

At Triaconta it is not possible to transfer cryptocurrencies to a cryptocurrency exchange or a personal wallet. Any payout must be in euros to the bank account with which you also made your purchases. It is therefore also not possible to pay with cryptocurrencies for your Bundle.

What does Balancing of a Bundle mean?

Over time, the distribution of value in your bundle changes. Certain cryptocurrencies will rise / fall faster than others. This will change your risk because your bundle is more affected by an increase or decrease of a cryptocurrency with a large share in your bundle. During balancing, the deviation from the original distribution is restored [...]