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Exchanging your CombiCoins terms and conditions

These terms and conditions (hereinafter the “Terms”), Privacy Policy and any terms and conditions published on the website (being, all subdomains and all their respective pages) constitute the legal relationship and agreement between you, the CombiCoin holder, and Triaconta BV, registered in the Netherlands, registered office address Oudenhof 4B, 4191NW Geldermalsen, in respect of you selling your CombiCoins, receiving Ethereum, holding Tokens, and your use of the Website.

Sending your CombiCoins to Triaconta BV

  1. We are not responsible if you send your CombiCoins to the wrong Ethereum wallet. You will need to send your CombiCoins to the wallet address shown in your personal Triaconta portal.
  2. CombiCoins sent to the wrong wallet cannot be retrieved and will be lost.

Selling your CombiCoins

  1. We can only exchange Ethereum for your CombiCoins after we received them. There can be a significant amount of time between you sending and us receiving the tokens depending on the fee and the amount of traffic on the Ethereum network. We are not responsible if a transaction is slow or fails for whatever reason.
  2. We can not exchange your CombiCoins if you do not set a target price and confirm the price via email. Best price is an available option.
  3. Even when you set a target price Triaconta will only exchange CombiCoins for Ethereum when it is interesting for Triaconta.
  4. Fulfilled orders cannot be undone.
  5. Partly filled orders can no longer be cancelled. You will be able to set a different (ask) price for the remainder of your CombiCoins.
  6. We only exchange CombiCoins when our valuation of CombiCoin is equal or higher than your target price.
  7. Even if our valuation of CombiCoin is equal or higher than your target price it is possible your CombiCoins are not bought. See point 3.
  8. You can cancel any order that isn’t partly filled. We will deduct 0.2 COMBI to send the CombiCoins back to your wallet.
  9. We will exchange your CombiCoins for a dollar price and transfer the proceeds to your wallet in  Ethereum.
  10. We will send the Ethereum to the wallet from which we received your CombiCoins. The receiving Ethereum address cannot be a different address.
  11. We charge a 3.5% fee on the proceeds to pay for our operational costs.
  12. For total sell orders lower than 200 US$ we will charge an additional 1 US$ transaction costs.
  13. After we bought your CombiCoins we will email an overview that states at what price in US$ the order was filled, what fees were deducted and how much Ethereum you will receive in your wallet.
  14. Minimum amount of CombiCoins we exchange is 0.1 COMBI.

Price & market movement

  1. We are not responsible for sudden changes in cryptocurrency prices in the market. This includes the price of Ethereum and CombiCoin.
  2. We are specifically not responsible for any price changes between the moment we exchange your CombiCoins and determine the amount of Ethereum you will receive and the moment you actually receive the Ethereum in your wallet.
  3. We are not responsible for any price changes between the moment you sending your CombiCoins and us selling them when possible.


  1. We are not responsible if for whatever reason our trading software is not able to exchange CombiCoins or if our website can’t be reached.
  2. If such events occur, we will do our best to be back up and running again as soon as reasonably possible.

Prohibited actions

Users of the Triaconta website are prohibited from engaging in the following actions:

  1. Actions that will or may cause disadvantage, financial loss or other damages to other users of this website or Triaconta BV.
  2. Actions that will violate laws, regulations, and ordinances.
  3. Other actions that may interrupt the operation of this website or interfere with the provision of services. 


By using our website you agree to these terms and conditions. Triaconta BV reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event that any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be posted on this website immediately.