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Announcement regarding Triaconta Bundles & AFM

In this newsletter, we want to officially announce our new service and inform you about the outcome of the AFM’s formal inquiry.

Our new service

Since the moment we launched CombiCoin, we have received a lot of feedback from our community. This feedback gave us a very clear picture of what people would like to see in the “crypto world”. The following features were frequent requests:


  • Being able to buy and sell using Euro
  • The ability to easily buy and sell multiple cryptocurrencies at the same time
  • New types of CombiCoins consisting out of other cryptocurrencies


With this in the back of our head we developed the service that we are announcing today!

Triaconta Bundles

Triaconta Bundles is our new service that allows you to instantly purchase a bundle of cryptocurrencies, with iDeal or bank transaction. You can buy a pre-set bundle or create a bundle yourself. You can sell your bundle for Euro at any time and have the Euro deposited to your bank account. You can buy a bundle starting from €100.

What are Triaconta Bundles?

As the name implies, it enables you to ‘bundle’ a selection of cryptocurrencies and buy them at once trough Triaconta. Select one of the pre-set bundles such as the Top 30 or the big 3, or create a bundle yourself from a selection of 40 cryptocurrencies. Your bundle will be added to your account soon as your payment via iDeal or bank transaction has been received.

The following pre-set bundles will be available from launch.

Top 30
The top 30 cryptocurrencies
– Contains all cryptocurrency categories
– Represents 91% of the market
– Grows with the market
– Automatic balancing and revision possible

Big 3
The three biggest cryptocurrencies
– Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple
– Represents 73% of the market
– The most famoust cryptocurrencies
– Automatic balancing possible

Penny Stock
Only currencies that are less then € 0.10
– Coins starting from € 0.007
– The sky is the limit
– Small price increases have a big effect
– Automatic balancing and revision possible

Personal portal
A part of the new Triaconta service is your personal portal. Here you have real-time insight into the value development of your bundle(s). The portal provides you with tools to take immediate action when necessary. And if you own multiple bundles you can compare them.

Instantly buy or sell

Your personal portal allows you to instantly buy or sell a portion of your bundle at any time. With the help of sliders, you can easily indicate which part of your bundle or even specific coins you would like to sell for Euro. All adjustments to your bundle are immediately executed at any time of the day. A pay-out in Euro will be deposited into your bank account within 5 working days.

Manage your bundle with ease

When time passes the distribution within your Bundle will change, because some cryptocurrencies will increase in value while others might decrease. When balancing your Bundle you redistribute the cryptocurrencies in your Bundle. During this process, a part of the cryptocurrencies that performed better will be sold. The proceeds from this operation will be used to buy other cryptocurrencies that performed less. This ensures that the distribution of your Bundle stays close to the initial distribution.

Besides the balancing tool, we also provide the revision tool. During a revision of your bundle, the revision tool will replace some cryptocurrencies. The coin that is replaced will be sold and the proceeds will be used to buy the new cryptocurrencies. A revision of you bundle will ensure that it will remain up to date with the latest developments in the market. By doing a revision on a regular basis you ensure that you own coins that meet your original plan and that there are no coins in your bundle that are slowly becoming obsolete.

Both processes can be executed automatically on a time interval you determine.


Go to Triaconta Bundles

CombiCoin vs Bundles

Triaconta Bundles may appear to be a lot like CombiCoin, the big difference is that you manage the cryptocurrency in your bundle by yourself. You decide which cryptocurrencies are in it, how they are divided and when you sell it. There is also no need to have any cryptocurrency wallet at all.


On Monday 8 October 2018, the AFM has shared the results of their investigation with Triaconta and the Foundation. The AFM’s provisional judgment is that Triaconta violates the “Wet financieel toezicht” (Wft) (Financial Supervision Act) by managing an investment fund without a license or exemption granted by the AFM.

In order to comply to the AFM’s provisional opinion, we will discontinue our management activities. At the same time, we are launching our new service: Triaconta Bundles!

Discontinuation of management activities

Triaconta Bundles is not an investment fund. Our users have 100% control over their cryptocurrencies. Triaconta only provides the services that makes it easy to get in and out with Euro and to manage your bundle. To discontinue our management activities we will offer all our CombiCoin holders the choice to either convert to Triaconta Bundles for free or to be paid in Ethereum.

Free conversion to Bundles

For our CombiCoin holders we have added the option to pay not only in Euro but also in CombiCoin. For each CombiCoin you pay the underlying assets are added to your Triaconta Bundles account. From that moment on you have 100% control over your own cryptocurrency bundle.

What changes for me as a CombiCoin holder when I switch?

The biggest change is that as a Bundles user you personally manage the cryptocurrencies in your bundle; we do not do this. This has the advantage that you can decide to sell at any time against Euro. However you are able to indicate within Triaconta Bundles that you would like to have your bundle automatically balanced and revised.

Why should I switch?

We are very grateful to all of our CombiCoin customers. That is why we have decided that all services that CombiCoin holders currently enjoy will be done at cost price. The exit fee in Triaconta Bundles is also lower at 1% instead of 3.5%.

CombiCoin customers
Entry fee* 0%
Rebalancing For cost price
Revision For cost price
Euro to bank account 1%

*reduced entry fee only applies to payments in CombiCoin

When can I switch / purchase?

Triaconta Bundles has not been launched yet, but as of today the new website is live with everything you want to know about Bundles. We are targeting December 15, 2018, as the official launch date of Triaconta Bundles. From that moment on it will be possible to instantly purchase Bundles. Registering to convert your CombiCoin to Triaconta Bundles for free can be done right now. As soon as Bundles is launched, your cryptocurrencies will be added to your Triaconta account.

Convert your CombiCoins

I already have CombiCoins in Buyback

No problem, if you go to your Triaconta portal page you can indicate for each deposit that you want to convert it to Bundles by clicking on the price and then clicking convert.

What happens if I do nothing?

In view of the AFM’s provisional judgment, our goal is to stop the violation within the next three months. On the 10th of January 2019 – 12:00 CEST, we will convert all CombiCoins remaining in wallets to Ethereum and send that Ethereum to the wallets that still had CombiCoins in them. From that moment on, CombiCoins are worthless. The proceeds in Ethereum will be sent before January 31, 2019.